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toxic1-images1    How many of us have had or are experiencing a work environment that is either unpleasant or unfulfilling?

Businesswoman in cubicle with laptop and stacks of files

I have most certainly been there.  I had an epiphany one day and realized that I was in complete control of my own environment.  I had more control than what I previously realized.  I am sure you’re probably thinking, well I can’t change my crazy mean boss or my messy overambitious co-workers.  I can’t make my boss give me a promotion or a raise.  Well, I say to you that those things may very well be true.  However, you are in complete control of YOU!!  It is a natural reaction to get down on someone else’s level when you are offended, hurt, let down, overlooked, etc.  How about making them come up to your level because you refuse to come down to theirs.  That comes with a level of confidence and faith…

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