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toxic1-images1    How many of us have had or are experiencing a work environment that is either unpleasant or unfulfilling?

Businesswoman in cubicle with laptop and stacks of files

I have most certainly been there.  I had an epiphany one day and realized that I was in complete control of my own environment.  I had more control than what I previously realized.  I am sure you’re probably thinking, well I can’t change my crazy mean boss or my messy overambitious co-workers.  I can’t make my boss give me a promotion or a raise.  Well, I say to you that those things may very well be true.  However, you are in complete control of YOU!!  It is a natural reaction to get down on someone else’s level when you are offended, hurt, let down, overlooked, etc.  How about making them come up to your level because you refuse to come down to theirs.  That comes with a level of confidence and faith that you demand better and expect better.

Happy Co-worker

At what point do you take the initiative to change your situation.  Now, I must warn you, it will call for some sacrifice and maybe even a bit of discomfort, but the payoff is far more rewarding than anything you would have to endure to get you there.

Here are some options:

  • Start with changing your “stank” attitude, it’s counterproductive.  Find one thing to be happy about and ride that wave until it’s time to clock out…even if it’s just to be thankful for having a job.


  • Be of the mindset that your situation is temporary and you’re only passing through.
  • Never allow anyone to change who you are by doing the “tit-for-a-tat” or becoming something you’re not.
  • Understand your rights and entitlements on your job as well as available opportunities.  That just may be your “in” to making a change in your job situation.  Maybe there’s tuition assistance to take some classes.  There may be an opening in another department where you can transfer or you may be entitled to additional training and resources.
  • Do your research!!!  When all else fails look for free webinars, on-line tutorials, free classes at your local library.
  • Look to cross-train or outside opportunities to learn something new.  There may even be a vacancy that needs someone temporarily until filled.  You could also volunteer to take on other responsibilities.
  • Help someone else do better and be better.  It does wonders to be able to offer something useful and meaningful to someone else.  It also helps you to exercise your leadership skills by imparting your knowledge or wisdom to help others.
  • Believe your way into a better situation.


  • Refuse to settle for the here and now when you have greater aspirations.  A dream only becomes a reality when you WAKE UP!!!!!

So WAKE UP!!  Your new life awaits you!!!! Ghandi

Blessings and Inspirations,